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Real-life Success Stories

Hypnosis worked for this man to stop drinking alcohol and lose weight!

I visited Dr Janet Hall, after finding her website and booking an appointment. I was at my wits end with my weight which had grown to 130kg, a general unwell feeling, both physically and mentally and a concerning habit of consuming more than a dozen alcoholic drinks on a daily basis for longer than I can remember. Six weeks later, I have not touched a drink of alcohol and am 9 kilo’s lighter, and am feeling better with each and every day. I still have a way to go, but I now have a plan to follow, and it is working, Thanks Dr Jan!


Feedback from a Player in the Australian Water Polo Team

The personal hypnosis CD I created with Dr Jan has grown my self image as a player and continually generates motivation and desire in me to train and perform at the highest level. Hypnosis has increased my self-belief and I also find listening to the recording very relaxing.


Feedback from a Man who had Presentation Anxiety and Blushing issues

I had my first hypnotherapy session with Dr Jan yesterday and I was extremely impressed. Jan made me feel relaxed to talk about my problems and I feel so much better after just one session. Jan’s words flowed beautifully throughout the hypnotherapy session and there were no hesitations. Jan is a very talented hypnotherapist and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I would highly recommend Jan’s services to my friends and family. Thanks Jan!


An 11-year-old’s Sleeping Problem

A concerned mother wrote to Dr Jan about seeking hypnosis to help her eleven year old boy sleep at night:

Dear Dr Jan,
I am interested in finding a alleviating my son Jacob’s fear to sleeping. He is 11 and has not had a solid night sleep unless he is very close to us.
It has been a problem for all of us. I would like to resolve this issue he has with sleeping before he reaches high school and am not aware of anywhere else that may be able to help. If there was a sleep clinic I could take him to I would be interested in that otherwise I am thinking perhaps hypnotherapy. I have discussed the options of counselling and hypnotherapy with him and he does not want to be counseled but has come around to the idea of having hypnotherapy. We are fairly desperate for some improvement in his sleeping habits and hope you can help us.

The family lived in the country and could only come to the city for one session. Dr Jan did a hypnosis session with the boy and gave him her CD – Sleep Deeply With Hypnosis. After 2 months the mother wrote:

Dear Dr Jan,
He uses the CD every night to fall asleep which has been great. This is an improvement as 95% of the time he is successful in falling asleep unaided. About 95% of the time he will switch beds in the middle of the night to the room closer to us which is a difficult habit to break, however he does not seem distressed. Most times he doesn’t wake us.


Cheryl Stopped Snoring!

Hi Janet,

I wanted to thank you for your help on Saturday. Since the hypnotherapy I have not snored once (albeit it’s only been 2 nights). My partner is particularly grateful as he had his first full night of sleep (well, uninterrupted by me anyway) on Saturday for a long time.

Here’s to long lasting restful sleep and satisfying and fulfilling relationships.

Kind regards


John Stopped Smoking

I gave up cold turkey numerous times but found the urge to smoke irresistible in certain, familiar social situations. Finally, the next time I kicked the physical habit I saw Dr Hall who addressed all the underlying subconscious issues in one session.

Now I am totally freed from a twenty year addiction and able to socialize in any situation without the slightest care for cigarettes or smokers around me.



Bianca Overcame her Anxiety

Hi Janet,

Thanks for being so understanding.

In relation to the hypnosis, I feel that something within me has really shifted. I have felt happier and more confident since our session.

I feel that I am more confident in the way I approach life in terms of relationships with both my partner and others around me. I found prior to the hypnosis that I would avoid many potentially “threatening” or “unsafe” situations such as just going out with my partner or friends and am now absolutely enjoying it rather than sitting there constantly worrying and anxious.

My partner has said that he can’t believe how easy it is for him to get me to go out now and now I am the one also initiating going out!

He also comments that I seem to talk a lot more and not quiet all the time (I think I now talk his ear off). He even commented that when we were at a friend’s house the other evening how much more talkative I am and not as anxious!! I have also noticed that I am talking more at school to both people that I know and also I am connecting with people that I don’t know that well. I also feel that I am connecting better with people and they are connecting better with me. Its really hard to explain but there is a definite shift.

I am also starting to feel that I am growing in terms of my ability to look at my interactions with people and not be caught up as much in the “what am I doing wrong” rather I am looking at people more objectively and not reading as much into it.

There is so much more that I can tell you about the significant leaps and bounds that I have travelled in the last few weeks but I will leave this to my next session with you.

Janet, I just wanted to say thanks again for our last session as it has made a significant positive change in my life.

Lots of thanks and hugs


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