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Dr Janet Hall's techniques in hypnosis have helped people with depression, performance anxiety, panic attacks, and other psychological issues to achieve success, learn faster and be more relaxed.

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Too Fat To Model


“Watch Dr Jan on TV -Here is the link for ‘Too Fat To Model’ which was on TodayTonight on 12/03/13″


How lack of face-to-face time can flatten friendships



Dr Janet Hall, Clinical Psychologist, recommends that folks make an effort to catch up physically with their friends to enjoy good times if they want a deeper and richer relationship over time.
Long before technology, people successfully engaged in written communication for long-distance relationships which lasted lifetimes. So lack of face-to-face time need not deter from a relationship.
It’s just far more likely to enhance and enrich and endure over time when there is face-t-face because:

Dr Jan says:
Real-time shared activities anchor home the feelings of attachment and strengthen them.
eg we go to the movies together and then debrief afterwards immediately and our eyes connect and our empathy is deepened – this is much more so than when we just talk about a movie we have independently watched on facebook or text.


Dr Jan and husband, John, recently returned from an eight day safari with

Here’s what John said:

Safari  has been a great success: quite an adventure, with an excellent guide, good accommodation (the best was last – woke this morning in a luxurious tent with a verandah looking out on a pool of hippos 100 metres away), and wonderful abundance and variety of animals.

Tally includes 1000s of wildebeest (massed on their annual migration – really thrilling to see); 100s of elephants, gazelle and zebra; 100s of impala and baboons; maybe 50 giraffes; 200 hippos; a score of lions; and a precious few cheetahs and leopards. Also some hyenas and jackals, and small creatures like mongoose. Birds too, mainly like storks and hawks.

Very dry and dusty, but lovely landscapes of acacia (acacia wondering, that’s the flat-topped, horizontal-looking tree so iconic of Africa), kopjes (rocky outcrops like Hanging Rock), and spectacular moonscapes, sunrises and sunsets.

Have learned so much about animal behaviour, adaption, survival,and ecology, and now appreciate the mystique of Africa.

How are mood, stress and our sex lives related?

You’re feeling down or chronically stressed. Is your sex life suffering the consequences?
Low mood, stress and our (waning) sex lives often are closely related, right? Maybe not for men; recent research has found that depression and anxiety symptoms may only be related to sexual difficulties for women. These intriguing results have sparked the interest of researchers at Macquarie University, who are now trying to get to the botom of these complex and under-researched relationships.
Their new study hopes to get between the sheets with thousands of Australian men and women to find out exactly what the relationships are between low mood, stress, and sexual problems: “We will look at the levels of these everyday difficulties in the general population, and we can then apply what we learn from this research to new treatment programs for depression, anxiety, and sexual dysfunctions. The key questions we’re interested in are: How are these disorders related over time? Does one type of disorder cause another, or are they related at a deeper level?” says Miriam Forbes, lead researcher in the study.
Understanding the direction of the relationships will mean that GPs and Psychologists will be able to more accurately screen for these disorders, and hopefully catch them before they become a severe problem, which will help minimise the negative impact on sufferers’ quality of life.
If you decide to participate in this online study, you will be asked to answer some questions about negative emotions and some aspects of sexual function at six separate time points – either once a week for six weeks, or once a month for six months. Other than the sense of fulfilment and self-satisfaction you’ll get out of helping with a research study like this, there’s also a $100 Cash Card up for grabs at every time point!
Get involved, and help understand this under-researched problem.
Go to to participate, and for more information.
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