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Dr Janet Hall's techniques in hypnosis have helped people with depression, performance anxiety, panic attacks, and other psychological issues to achieve success, learn faster and be more relaxed.

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Dr Jan Invites Melbourne folk to complimentary forum at Wheelers Centre for National Psychology Week


How to make a man CONNECT with you . . .just for women to read

2014-10-06_1805If you’ve ever been in bed with a man and had him close his eyes and seem to “go
somewhere else” you have to go watch this video right away . . .
This short little video reveals the truth about what men are thinking about when they’re
in bed with a woman (when they SHOULD be focused 100% mind, body and soul on you) . . .
And teaches you EXACTLY what to say and do to get him to SNAP back to you like a rubber band . . . look you right in the eye . . . and feel an incredible level of connection he’s simply never thought was possible before . . .
Wishing you the sensational sexlife that you deserve.

You’ll learn more about the erotic imagination of men in the few minutes it takes you
to watch this video than you would in a lifetime on your own . . .

How ECigs Save Lives And Money

Stop Smoking Permanently Is Easy With ECIGS  

Are YOU Frustrated by the amount of times have you tried to quit smoking?
Are YOU Sick of feeling sick and worried about your health?

Quitting smoking is hard. It is reported that ninety-five percent of those who try to stop smoking, relapse within one year.

Ecigs is a great technique for quitting smoking and staying quit!

Ecigs can give you a smooth “detox” experience.

You’ll feel :

  • Energised as you begin to feel the health benefits.
  • In control of your choices and behaviours .
  • Free to enjoy a healthy life. 

Imagine how you will feel when your smoking habit is a thing of the past!
You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!THERE ARE SO MANY BENEFITS OF STOPPING SMOKING INCLUDING:

Smokers tend to have thinner skin and more wrinkles than non-smokers. This is because smoking reduces the blood supply to the skin and lowers levels of vitamin A.
Quitting enables your skin to immediately begin to rejuvenate – meaning you’ll look younger, and feel younger too!

Smoking Cessation Linked With Multiple Mental Health Benefits, Study Finds
Psychiatric News Alert, March 24th, 2014

unnamedStopping smoking is associated with significant improvements in anxiety, depression, stress, positive affect, and psychological quality of life. And the strength of the association appears to be similar for both the general population and clinical populations, including those with psychiatric disorders, according to findings from a meta-analysis reported in the British Medical Journal by Paul Aveyard.


One of the most common reasons smokers give for deciding to quit smoking is wanting to get rid of the odor of stale cigarette smoke on their breath and clothes. Many smokers tell us they hate the dirty nature of smoking, even while still enjoying cigarettes. They say that it annoys them – the way their clothes, hair and skin, house and car smell of stale and acrid smoke.

Quitting gives you the chance to break free from all of this negativity. Your teeth can be white again, your skin free of nicotine stains, you’ll smell and feel fresher and cleaner, and so will your house and car.


Global cigarette companies have acknowledged that ecigs are an innovative technological game-changer and major players like Phillip Morris, the makers of Marlboro cigarettes, recently bought into the U.K’s biggest makers of ECigarettes to secure their piece of the action as cigarette smoking transitions to electronic cigarette or `vaping’.

Important note!  Ecig users need to be careful to buy only safe products!

Logic Ecigs are the non nicotine, none tobacco ecigs that you can’t tamper with or refill.

Banning dangerous ecigs and the ones deliberately designed to attract the youth market like the bubblegum flavored ecigs is important.
The ecigs currently available at petrol stations, convenience stores and other retail outlets are nicotine and tobacco free and can’t be refilled. But over the internet, there are far more dangerous options.

If you Google ecigs, your screen is flooded with a vast array of devices.
The most hazardous include personal vaporizers or PV’s that allow users to remove and refill the e-juice compartment with whatever concoction they want.
More adventurous people are using pure nicotine and other dangerous drugs, putting themselves at risk of poisoning and even death.

SMOKE-FREE workplaces and a non-smoking spouse are the keys to success in quitting smoking, finds a study in the 2007 issue of the American Journal of Public Health.

They found that the social environmental factors were more important than the smoker’s own behaviours and beliefs when it came to staying away from cigarettes.

What is the cost to employers for NOT helping the employees?
What is the cost to the employer for lost time, health issues and absenteeism?

Many companies could have quit smoking programs which workers do in house.
As incentive they could offer free ECIGS for a week. ECIG smokers could “vapour” outside the building. BUT Cigarette smokers would have to smoke a block away!


Many rituals are associated with smoking -You carry the pack of cigarettes, open the pack,
extract a cigarette, hold and light the cigarette, inhale and exhale the smoke, and put out the cigarette the same way thousands of times a year!

With Ecigs, you keep the rituals -you get the taste, the satisfying inhale, the comfort of something in your hand, the hand to face movement, the tension release of exhaling, and the plume of steam. There’s no second hand smoke, no butts and best of all, you are not subjecting your body to the thousands of harmful chemicals, 60 of which are known carcinogens, that you do when you smoke a traditional cigarette.

Ecigs provide the rituals without the toxins. It allows quitters to stay in in their comfort zone without exposing them to the serious health risks, social stigma and economic drain.

‘Parties, pubs and other social situations also test the will of quitters and being able to pull an Ecig out of your pocket, have a few puffs and put it back can usually satisfy the craving.’

There is something very special about fire and smoke. Campers gather around a campfire to share songs, stories, and fellowship; families come together to sit in front of the fireplace on cold winter evenings; smokers huddle together to smoke their poisonous cigarettes.

Ecigs allow ex-cigarette smokers to huddle together and enjoy the ritual without the poison!

Here’s What One Motivated Potential Non-smoker Said after Trying Logic Ecigs:

As a smoker for over 15 years I understand the cravings all too well. I also know that in this day and age, being a smoker is definitely not cool. The constant harassment from family and friends to quit, fewer and fewer places to smoke, the huge stretch on your budget, not to mention all the health risks concerned.

It’s for this reason that smokers everywhere are looking for alternatives, or, an EASY way to quit. I am in a fortunate position. In my heart I know I’m ready to once more attempt to quit.

That’s the bottom line really… are you ready?

To tackle this monumental task most people will need help -anything to take the edge off and help us make better decisions. After using Logic Ecigs for the last few days I can definitely see the power of this device.

I believe that combined with an active lifestyle, and with fresh ideas to fill any idol moments, Ecigs could well be the future for quitters everywhere.

Helping Kids Cope With The Threat Of Terrorism

Dr Jan was on TV in September (Mornings on Channel 9) talking about How To Help Kids Cope With The Threat Of Terrorism.

2014-09-21_2111Fear Free Children

How fears can be overcome with confidence-building activities, games, stories, self-talk and rewards.

A book which provides a unique insight into the causes, symptoms and treatment of problem fears in children, Fear-Free Children shows how fears can be overcome with confidence-building activities, games, stories, self-talk and rewards.

Fear-free Children is written in two sections – the first giving information for parents and the second teaching examples through stories for younger children. Teenagers can benefit from reading the entire book and directly applying the information to their own circumstance.

The simplicity makes it easy to understand, adapt and apply so that you quickly get control over your fears and learn to solve your own problems.


As we’ve seen it’s an alarming development… Australia is in the middle of the biggest counter-terror bust our nation has ever seen…

With every news outlet showing terror warnings… many parents are worried about how this information will affect their kids


So where do you even start when they ask about terrorism and should we sugarcoat the truth?

Psychologist Dr Janet Hall in Melbourne joins us now… along with the Courier Mail’s Damien Stannard and Jo Abi from iVillage

Q. Jo, yesterday your kids school ran an intruder drill and your ten year old thought it was a game! As a parent, how do you talk to him about what’s going on in your own backyard?

As a parent I’m asking what do I do now? When my son told me they were running an intruder drill I was scared. They run these drills every year but now it’s different. It’s a different type of threat.
He laughs- he thinks it’s a funny man coming off the street; he doesn’t think like a parent, that it’s a group of men with guns.
I won’t talk to them about terrorism because they deserve to enjoy their childhood. I will teach them about stranger danger and what to do if they are abducted, in order to make them vigilant and aware.
But I am not going to fill their little brains with what terrorism means. There is nothing they can do.
They deserve to enjoy their childhood. As a parent I want the news to stop putting a spotlight on this issue, I don’t want my kids to see it and get scared. I am a little bit paranoid but that because a parent’s primal instinct is to keep their children safe. So there is nothing wrong with that.

Q. Dr Janet, no matter how old they are, this kind of news can terrify them.  At what age should we stop hiding the truth and start explaining the reality of what’s happening?

I think only the parent knows at what age it’s appropriate to tell their child what’s happening.
There is no golden age of when that is. Of course it needs to be age appropriate, as you wouldn’t tell a six year old details of be headings.

But it needs to be child appropriate. You can have a six year old who is very mature and can understand issues like this… you can also get a six year old who only talks about fairies and this would terrify them. Modify information you give them to what their maturity is like… ‘there is such thing as a bad person and they’re called a terrorist’. You don’t have to say what they do… but start letting them know what’s out there.
Kids are so technologically savvy these days, that you will be surprised how capable they are in dealing with the real world. We need to talk to kids in some form about it because they will see it or hear it from somewhere and have questions that need to be answered.
So while you give them some information, minimise their exposure so they don’t get scared. Parents shouldn’t talk about it all the time. Reassure them that they are safe and that mum and dad will protect them because under it all, they are frightened little souls.

Q. Damien, as a journalist you believe we shouldn’t sugarcoat facts… but at the end of the day, these are kids. Should we be worried about exposing them to the cold hard truth?

We live in an age of full disclosure. We shouldn’t sugar coat facts. People always ask questions, kids ask questions. We should be aware of what’s going on so we know how to address it.

This situation is unprecedented. It’s never happened in my lifetime, that we’ve had to deal with a real terrorist threat in Australia. I’m going to be a dad in two weeks so certainly I’m going to be asking myself more and more how much information is too much and how do we find the balance between what they need to know and the cold hard reality. After 9/11 there were a lot of similar questions asked and the same sense of paranoia and fear was around. But this threat was always at a distance. This is in our backyards. This is the time everyone needs to be informed.

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