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Shock new figures reveal that one third of viewers of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Married At First Sight are men

ALRIGHT guys, it is time to fess up. Which of you has secretly watched The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Married At First Sight?

Channels Nine and Ten have revealed that hundreds of thousands of Aussie men have been avid viewers of their hit dating shows in 2015.

Ten’s figures reveal that 29 per cent of the 985,000 viewers (average) of this year’s season of The Bachelor across the five capital cities are blokes — a whopping 285,650.


That figure jumps to 30 per cent, or 309,000, for The Bachelorette which averaged 1.03 million viewers across its series.

The finales of both shows were each seen by around 500,000 Aussie men.

Nine’s Married At First Sight grabbed an even bigger share of male viewers — 35 per cent or upwards of 420,000 blokes per episode.

The result is a big surprise. Dating shows including The Bachelor, The Bacheloretteand Married At First Sight are traditionally seen as female-centric programs.

Seven is set to jump on the bandwagon and roll out a new dating show Kiss Bang Love in 2016. Nine is reviving The Farmer Wants a Wife and has two series ofMarried at First Sight in the pipeline.


Psychologist Dr Janet Hall says there are some simple reasons for men to watch dating shows.

“Men want to learn what women are attracted by in a man,” Dr Hall says. “They also just like the eye candy of the women on the show and enjoy the fantasy trip of ‘who would I choose if I was the man’.”

In The Bachelor, 21 ladies were out to woo Sam Wood. The early favourite was Heather Maltman but by series end 34-year-old single mum Snezana Markoski had won the personal trainer’s heart.

The Bachelorette saw Sam Frost find love with construction manager Sasha Mielczarek after the heartbreak of being dumped by Blake Garvey in last year’s series of The Bachelor.


Married At First Sight tracked the rollercoaster aftermath of four couples who met for the first time at the altar. Only one couple is still together — Zoe Hendrix and Alex Garner.

Dr Hall says there are a number of positive lessons for men who watch these shows.

“It will make men think more deeply about the women and what they are offering other than their looks,” Dr Hall explains.

“They can empathise with the women that are rejected and learn to value a realistic connection and not just a romantic ideal.”

Media analyst Steve Allen says advertisers are neglecting this hidden well of male viewers.

“All of these dating shows have sizeable male minority audiences,” Mr Allen says. “They often skew younger to middle age (16 to 54) which is a plus too.

“These men are being overlooked by advertisers, especially considering that 25 per cent of main grocery buyers are male.

“These programs pretty much hit that exact profile so this is a very valuable dual audience.”

Source: http://www.news.com.au 
Author: Colin Vickery


Dr Jan’s Golden Tip To Save Your Relationships (At Work and Home)

Have You ever said or written something that you knew was right, but which you regretted?

One of my most trusted questions to ask myself before I say anything is:

Do I Want To Be Right OR Do I Want To Be Happy?

Having a personality of the direct type, I tend to want to be right (because I often am right…) but when I have insisted on that and burned someone involved, I have learned to think twice!
It’s bad enough when you say something righteous, but it can be a catastrophe when you put it in writing and it lives on to backlash YOU!

Here’s an invaluable resource when it comes to writing emails.

I urge you to Invest YOUR time and not only read it NOW, but save it and review it next time you feel outraged and fell like telling someone so in writing!

One of the biggest problems with email is that people use it reflexively: Get an email? Reply by email!

Have a random thought while you are sitting next to your desktop or laptop or whenyour handheld is at hand? Fire off an email! Sure, there are good emails and bad emails. But there are also a lot of emails that never should have been emails in the first place: they should have been calls, letters, visits, or nothing.

Every time you choose a form of communication other than email, or choose not to communicate at all, there’s a bonus. It will not live on to come back and get you! (Thanks to Matt Church for first intro to this.)

When You Absolutely,

Positively Should Not Use Email

written by: David Shipley and Will Schwalbe 2015-11-11_1211

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Dr Janet Hall on TV: Why Do Some Celebrities Steal?

Dr Jan was asked to comment on channel Nine Mornings TV Show!

Stars seem to have it all. But for some, fame and fortune just isn’t enough. They want more, and they’re willing to take it!

“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Kim Richards is the latest celeb apparently caught red-handed.


She was busted allegedly trying to shoplift more than 100 items from Target. She has pleaded not guilty and will face court on 20th of August.

So, what drives the rich and famous to seek out five finger discounts? Is it just for a thrill, or is it a cry for help?

Q1. Dr Jan, actress Winona Ryder was caught out shoplifting at a high-end department store in 2001.
But it’s not like she would have been short of cash. What drives a celebrity to steal?

  • They gamble on not being caught and if they do, they think it won’t matter and they won’t get into too much trouble because they’re a celebrity.
  • It could be a cry for help… They go into a trance.
  • Winona Ryder… The actress was convicted of grand theft felony and vandalism, given three years’ probation, and assigned to 480 hours of community service. In addition, the court ordered Ryder to pay $6,355 in restitution to Saks and to undergo psychological and drug counseling.

Q2. In 2011, Lindsay Lohan got busted for shoplifting a 2,500-dollar necklace.
Why would she do it, when she’s in the public eye?

  • There is a sense of entitlement, I’m special, I’m above the law. They don’t think they have to face the same consequences that other people would.
  • It’s like a naughty kid, there is impulsive behaviour and they don’t know the boundaries.
  • Lindsay was court ordered to take shoplifting classes and participate in 360 hours of community service.

Q3. The late “Charlie’s Angel” Farrah Fawcett was arrested twice back in the 70s for stealing clothes.
When someone has a repeated urge to steal, is it a sign of a more serious problem?

  • Shopping is a common side effect of bipolar behaviour.
  • Prescription drugs can also cause someone to do this.
  • They have to get treatment, it’s not good enough saying I’m sorry.
  • Farrah Fawcett… was arrested twice in 1970 for stealing clothing from boutiques. Both times, she had gone into the store to exchange defective clothing. Exchanges were against the boutiques policy, so Farrah took it into her own hands to return her unwanted items and take the items she wanted in exchange.

Q4. It seems to be mostly female celebrities who get caught shoplifting.
Why are women the main offenders? 

  • It all comes down to ego, entitlement and adrenalin. So both male and female celebrities could be shoplifters.
  • Women like shopping, we are collectors. Retail therapy does soothe the nervous system. We get more stressed then men and seek out what soothes us.

It’s more socially acceptable for a women to accumulate things, material goods, than a man.

That’s why you will see so many cases of female stars shoplifting.

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