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Checklist: Am I Ready To Have Sex?


Do I have my sex facts right?
• Have I talked about sex to a responsible adult?
• Have I read up on sex?
• Do I know about the different sexual techniques?
• Could I draw an accurate diagram of male/female internal and external genitals?


Do I have…


The Right Partner?
• How long have we known each other?
• Do we both like each other?


The Right Place?
• Will we be interrupted?
• Will we be uncomfortable?


The Right Time?
• Will we be rushed?
• Will we be too tired?


The Right Reason?
• Is this for lust or love?
• Am I just trying to keep up with everyone else?
• Am I buying into the fairytales about sex?
• Am I being sucked into media portrayals of sex and kidding myself that I am being trendy?
• The Right Age?
• Am I over sixteen?
• Am I really mature enough?


Do I Have The Right Protection?
• Do I have the safest, most appropriate and practical contraceptive?



Now you are truly Sex-Wise you are ready to make clear and mature choices about you and sex:

1. Sex is a choice
2. Sex is natural
3. Sex is an expression of love
4. Sex is sharing something with someone
5. Sex requires commitment
6. Sex is private
7. Sex is respectful
8. Sex is honest
9. Sex is mature
10. Sex is intimate
11. Sex is responsible
12. Sex is safe

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