Are You Addicted to Your Mobile Phone?

Dr Jan was on TV with Today Extra with good advice for you to take control of your phone use.

Does the “ding” of your phone have you dropping whatever you’re doing to see who “liked” your latest Facebook status? Are you answering work emails before rubbing the sleep from your eyes? Does a low battery icon leave you quivering in fear? You, my friend, are likely suffering from nomophobia.

Nomophobia is the fear of being without your smartphone, or more simply smartphone addiction, and it’s a “first world problem” that’s showing no signs of slowing down, regardless of age. And while it might sound silly — can you really be addicted to a handheld device? — the implications are real.

About half of U.S. adults are checking their phone at least several times an hour, with 11 percent tapping their screen awake every few minutes. (1) No space is safe from the rush of a new tweet, either.

If YOU feel you need to take more control over your mobile phone use, email Dr Jan.

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