Maria writes about stress and it’s role


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:: Maria writes about stress and it’s role
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Maria writes about stress and its role

(Painful sex can sometimes be caused by emotional upset as the following letters show)

Letter 1

Dear Dr Hall,
I’m a 22 years old and my boyfriend is 25. We have been together for just over 2 years. I have never had an orgasm from sex, only oral sex, and sometimes it hurts and is uncomfortable, I think because I seem to tense up because I think it will hurt again. I would like to enjoy it more, I try to relax and try different things but nothing seems to work.

Dr Jan’s reply:

If things do not improve I suggest there is a need for you both to come see someone like me – there may be something hidden in your unconscious that is blocking you from receiving freely in sex.

Letter 2

Things are going so-so otherwise. I actually think that perhaps I am blocking myself from receiving freely as you mentioned in your reply.

I have been under a bit of stress (career wise) and I have been applying to any permanent position advertised with no success. I have been saying for the past six months that I want to move interstate but my boyfriend really doesn’t want to move because of his work and family. I feel that I am at a very important point in my career and being in the type of industry that I am need to keep my skills updated, and perhaps in some way blame him for my set back. I don’t think I can leave him though.

Do you think that this may be the problem???
I think I already know it is.

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