Dr Janet Hall

Are You Addicted to Your Mobile Phone?

Dr Jan was on TV with Today Extra with good advice for you to take control of your phone use.


The Elusive Orgasm

Read the article on the Mishfit blog.

Why you need to introduce ‘outercourse’ into your sex life, IMMEDIATELY.

Intercourse’s claim as the be-all-end-all of sex may be about to take on a challenger.

Introducing ‘outercourse’. You probably haven’t heard the word before, but we’re betting you’ve experienced it – especially if you are someone who doesn’t orgasm through penetrative sex alone.


Could You Or Someone You Love Be A Shopaholic with a Compulsive Spending Problem?

Clinical psychologist Janet Hall reveals Compulsive Buying Disorder symptoms

  • Also include accumulating debt, using shopping to escape negative feeling
  • Shopaholics often have an underlying disorder, like anxiety or depression
  • Recommends replacing shopping with something healthy like meditation

Everyone knows the thrill of the feel of a new dress, the excitement of a fresh pair of boots for autumn, the first smack of a recently purchased lip gloss.

But for some the thrill of shopping can be all consuming, even life ruining.


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