Dr Janet Hall ASM PhD

Professional Speaker

Testimonial from Winston Marsh,
Lifetime Member National Speaker’s Association Australia

“Dr Jan, you held the audience in the palm of your hand and got them thinking thoughts that all too often they avoid thinking! More importantly you gave them a take-away message that will forever alter the way they think, talk and act about their relationships”.

For Results That Sizzle: You can avoid conflict and maximize your results.

Annual General Meetings, after dinner, after lunch, conference infotainment

Dr. Janet Hall is an Infotainer

Topics for Speaking

For Business

• How You Can Speak and Sell With Intention, Influence and Impact

• How Understanding Brain Sex Boosts Your Business Success

• Dealing With Difficult Personalities

• How to Make Computers Easy, Fun (and even Sexy)

• Stress-Proof Yourself and Succeed Faster


Relationships / Communication

• How You Can Be a Master of Relationship Intelligence

• Relationship Intelligence is How You Deal with Others for Positive Results

(Emotional Intelligence is about your inner relationship with your self.)

• How to avoid the dramas that suck the profits from your bottom line

(Harassment, sabotage, petty politics and costly relationship break-ups)

• The six essential techniques to avoid and manage conflicts

• The unwritten secrets of the Communication Code


For Parents

• How to Super-boost Your Child’s Self-esteem

• Stop Tantrums Now

• Coping with Kids Common Problems

• Fight-free Families

• Stop Sibling Rivalry

• Fear-free Children: Confident Kids


For Women

• How Women Can Win Big in Business

• The SuperWoman’s Survival Guide


For Students

• How to Be An Inspirational Leader and Powerful Presenter

• Sex-Wise: How to Have Healthy Sexual Attitudes and Stay Safe

• Understand How Eating Disorders Destroy Your Life


For Teachers

• How to Be An Inspirational Leader and Powerful Presenter



• How Hypnosis Helps Break Bad Habits –Like Stop Smoking and Sexual Headaches

• How Hypnotic Techniques Can Help You Super-boost Your Persuasive Power

(Dr Janet Hall’s Hypnotic Techniques can offer you an essential break-through from self-consciousness, low self-confidence or just plain old nerves and give you the cutting edge that you deserve.)

You will receive free copies of Dr Jan’s Hypnosis CDs:

How Hypnosis Can Help You Present Powerfully (In Every Situation)

How Hypnosis Can Help You Super-boost Your Sales Success



• Good Stress, Great Sex, Sensational Success

• For Business: How Sparking –up Your Love Life Boosts Your Business Success

• For Women : Super-boost Your Sexual Goddess

• For General Audience: How to Super-boost Your Sex-Life

• For Parents: How Parents Can Spark-up Their Sex-Lives

(Children are Not an Aphrodisiac)

• For Parents of Teenagers: Coach Teens to Be Sex-Wise and Stay Safe


For Baby-Boomers Plus Who Like Stimulating Entertainment

• Sex for the Golden Oldies

• How to stay Young at Heart (You may not be able to stop the wrinkles on the face, but you can stop the wrinkles on your mind!)


Why choose Dr Jan as your speaker? Because Jan is an Infotainer! She will entertain, challenge, inspire and inform you. She’ll give you skills and the confidence to use them. Trust Jan with topics that others avoid through lack of real qualifications, experience and sensitivity … “Stress-Proof Success” and “Sex-Talk”. Dr Janet Hall is an author, psychologist, hypnotherapist and dynamic speaker. She developed the unique Power Plan process and co-authored the Goalmaker computer software program which helps you maximise your success.Dr Jan speaking

Dr Jan is a regular consultant to business and the media and was the Sex Therapist you saw on TV’s Sex/Life Program.

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