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Is Your Child Anxious?
Children’s Reactions to Trauma

How can we help SCARED and ANXIOUS kids, Kids who WET the BED, FIGHTING FAMILIES and NAUGHTY KIDS?

Boss of the Bladder Program

The premier clinic in Melbourne for coaching children to be dry. The program fosters confidence in kids and parents through learning the facts from Dr Janet Hall’s book and CD. Children are coached under expert guidance to achieve proud success and permanent dry beds and pants.

Confident Kids Program

Dr Janet Hall’s book describes ‘twelve good ideas for busting fears’ which help direct a treatment program to manage children’s doubts, fears and phobias and boost their self-esteem. Rebecca Gilmour has a unique rapport with children, as evidenced by her track record in coaching scared kids. Nine year old Sally slept in her own bed for the first time in her life after just five sessions!

Here is the Dr Janet Hall System

Session 1:
The principal psychologist, Dr Janet Hall, sees the parents alone and conducts an assessment interview where the background is described regarding parental management and expectations, as well as a history taken of child development and current physical and emotional well-being and behaviours of the child.
A diagnosis is made and a treatment plan is proposed to the parents.

Sessions 2-5:
The specialist child psychologist, Rebecca Gilmour, conducts interviews which focuses on interaction with the child in order to coach them in assertive skills, appropriate social behaviour, understanding their feelings and managing them when they are overwhelming. Rebecca sees the parents at the beginning and end of the session for progress and planning reports.
Rebecca becomes the child’s friend and confidante, as well as coach,
(she even gives them birthday parties in session!) but also counsels the parents to be realistic with firm discipline when necessary, always with the intention that the child doesn’t “lose face”, but is believing that they have some control of their world.

Session 6:
A review is made where Dr Hall and Ms Gilmour present their results to the parents and make ongoing recommendations for independent self-management for parents and children.


A Case Study

The initial intake session was conducted with the parents and Dr Hall.
Their six year old twin boy happily spent the waiting time building a leggo with his brother in the waiting room. Mr Six needed to interrupt his parent’s meeting at least three times in a half an hour, asking for praise and in general seeking attention.

Diagnosis was that Mr Six was a constitutionally ‘wired’ child who became overwhelmed easily by his emotions. He did not have a good sense of delay of gratification and was ‘righteous’ about the world and where he should stand in relation to it (first, of course!) Mr Six was particularly concerned at what is right and what is not right with the parental treatment of himself and his twin. This resulted in sibling rivalry and hurtful domination of his brother. Mr Six was also embarrassed and confused about his continued bed-wetting problem.

The treatment plan outlined to the parents was for Mr Six to be coached by his ‘personal psychologist’. She began with the Boss of the Bladder program to help him be dry at night. She also saw him for individual sessions with the aim of teaching him to understand and manage his emotional ‘overwhelm’ and to be more assertive and less aggressive with his brother and parents. The parents were also needing child management strategies and were coached to use the fight-free family program, based on Dr Hall’s book.

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