The Dangers Of Sex Addiction

The Dangers Of Sex Addiction

Hello this is Dr. Janet Hall. I’m a Hypnotherapist, Sex Therapist and Counsellor here in Melbourne Australia. I have been practicing for over thirty three years now. And one of my special interests has been in sex addiction.
I guess it hadn’t really “reared its ugly head” shall I say (pardon the pun” until the last ten years when pornography has really become just so prevalent.

I think one of my most outstanding cases came in all started where a chap was using pornography as a young teen – just looking at pictures in magazines of course (?) thirty years ago.

He started to become a lot more of a frequent user as the internet became available. And three years ago he started to actually make contact with people online.

Now what amazed me with his story is that he truly was leading a double life. He was happily married for over 10 years. (Well…she thought they were happily married.) But three years ago he started to meet up with women who he found on the internet.

And what really intrigued me was that he actually meeting up with women who are hookers …prostitutes who are trolling the internet looking for vulnerable, naive men like my client.  Men who get so excited by this gorgeous woman who has big breasts (probably enhanced) who is feigning interest in him.

And what happens when he finally meets her in a hotel room …which of course he pays for. Then she reveals that she will not have sex with him unless he pays a prostitute’s fee!

Do you reckon by that stage that he’s going to renege on the deal? Hardly.

And so he was basically being set up to be with a prostitute and pay money!

Now I think that’s really highly unfair to the poor wife who was also working hard and had to endure a lot of her own trials, including the recent loss of her mother, her father having a cancer scare and her own difficulties in having painful sex due to endometriosis.

So what a terribly complicated, sad, terrible waste of time and money and waste of what could have been a good relationship. And it all started with porn.

So if you are using porn excessively or your partner is. Don’t wait until they get themselves in serious trouble. Do come and get some counseling and we can provide that for you here at Richmond Hill Psychology in Melbourne.

Or online at – which is therefore a lot more anonymous.

Much better to be talking to a counselor online than to be trying to hook up with somebody who’s going to rip you off!

So please contact Dr. Jan on email – and I look forward to helping you settle yourself down, calm yourself down and prioritize a healthy loving relationship with your partner.

Wishing you sensational success in all that you do, be and have.
Be Well, Be Happy, Love Life and Enjoy a Sensational Sex -Life!

Dr Jan