Dr Janet Hall Credentials


Academic Qualifications


1970 Diploma of Teaching – Coburg Teachers College, MeIbourne, Aust.
1976 Bachelor of Arts (Honors) Monash University, MeIbourne, Aust.
1978 Diploma Educational Psychology – Monash University, MeIbourne, Aust.
1979 Post Graduate Study – University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
1980 Master of Education – Monash University, MeIbourne, Aust.
1986 Ph.D. – Latrobe University, MeIbourne, Aust




1979 Australian Psychological Society – Retired 2019
Board of Clinical Psychologists – Retired 2019
1980 Australian Society of Hypnosis
1987 International Society of Hypnosis
1988 National Speakers’ Assoc. Of Australia – (Accredited Full Member)


Professional Experience

1975 Primary School Teacher
1976 – 1980 Educational Psychologist
1986 Consultant Psychologist – Odyssey House Drug Rehabilitation Centre
1990 Trauma Consultant / Bank Hold-up Psychologist – State Bank, Vict. Aust.
1991 Psychologist in Private Practice Managing Director

Education & Training

1988 – 1992 Training with Pete Crofts at the Humourversity (Study with Excellerated Learning Institute)
1988- Money and You Business Seminar (Powerful Presentations Seminar)
1989 Creating Wealth Seminar (Business School for entrepreneurs – 2 weeks Kona, Hawaii)
1991 Global Educators Programs – 7 days San Diego, 3 days Sydney
1992 7 days San Diego, 3 days Adelaide
1993 2 weeks Kona, Hawaii

Superlearning & Neuro-Linguistic Programming Educational Studies

1988 Five day NLP Workshop – John Grinder
Three day NLP Workshop – Richard Bandler
Leaning to Learn Seminar – Stephanie Burns
Mastermind Training – Marvin Oka
1993 Five day Super -Teaching Course – Blair Singer, Wayne Morgan
Graduate of Top Gun Sales Academy

Professional Contributions

Home-based School Reinforcement for Adolescents – Paper presented at ABMA 4th National Conference, Sydney, 1981

The Significance of Teacher-Collected Data in a Home-Based School Reinforcement Program – Paper presented at ABMA 5th National Conference, Surfers Paradise, 1982

Theoretical Bases of Approaches to Education – A Case for the Behavioural Perspective
Paper presented at ABMA 8th National Conference, Melbourne, 1985

Classroom Target Behaviour Selection – Paper presented at ABMA 9th National Conference, Sydney, 1986

Home-Based School Reinforcement – A Comprehensive Evaluation
Paper presented at ABMA 9th National Conference,Sydney, 1986

How to Avoid the Seven Mistakes that Even Brilliant People Make – Invited address to the Inaugural Meeting of the LaTrobe University Alumni Association

Common Sexual Problems Encountered in a Sex Therapy Clinic – How audio therapy can accelerate treatment success
Paper presented at the International Congress of Psychology, 1997, Melbourne

Partner Power: The importance of the team approach to managing erectile difficulty – Paper commissioned by ASTRA pharmaceutical company and distributed to all medical practitioners in Australia with the release of the Muse medication for erectile dysfunction treatment, 1998

Releasing Blocks to Healthy Sexual Expression – Paper presented at the National Conference of ASSERT, Adelaide, October, 1999

Hypnosis and Depression: Too Positive to Feel Sad – Paper presented at the Australian Psychology Society Victorian Branch Annual Conference, June, 2000

Mars and Venus in Natural Family Planning – Invited Paper presented at the Australian Council of Natural Family Planning, October, 2000