Dr Janet Hall in the Media


Dr Janet Hall Experienced Hypnotherapist & Clinical Psychologist of 40 years
(now practicing as a psychotherapist).

“Australia’s Media chooses Dr Jan as the preferred expert for comment and opinion.”

With forty years of experience in all forms of media, you can count on Dr Jan to provide a sound and savvy commentary of a broad range of issues.


Dr Jan quoted on



Weekly column with magazine Take Five for 2 years from June 2007-2009.

Cosmo: Five Brilliant Ways to Keep Focused on Sex

Good Medicine: Ten Tips to be Anti-stressed

Slimming and Health: Hot Tips for Between the Sheets

Cleo: Coping with Bad Sex

New Weekly: Lindsay Lohan and cutting

Womens Health: Sex and Relationship Decisions

Famous: Is Angelina Anorexic?



The Project: Channel 10

Kim and David am Show: Channel 10

Today Show am: Channel 9

A Current Affair: Channel 9

Sixty Minutes: Channel 9

Sunrise: Channel 7



Melbourne: Nova- Dave, 3aw –Dennis, SEN, Gold 104

Perth: Nova, ABC

Sydney: 2UE

Adelaide: FM Rabbit, Amber and Louie

National: Nightlife



Frequently quoted in and short selection of topics:

Herald Sun TV Guide: Violence on TV, Crime Shows appeal, Men crying on TV, Ladettes to Ladies are “ over the top”.

Herald Sun Parent Column: Bullying, Should parents smack?, Weird names parents give their children.

MX: Why men choose to watch football and miss out on sex

Herald Sun: Tennis Supermum, Embarrassing partners, Friends with your Ex?

Sunday Life: Effects of Boarding Schools


Dr Janet Hall has considerable media experience and is often called upon to comment on issues of the day that for example pertain to:

  • relationships
  • parenting
  • families
  • anger
  • anxiety
  • hypnotherapy
  • children/adolescents
  • various sex-related topics

Dr Janet Hall is the author of eight books on family issues including:


1989 How You Can Be Boss Of The Bladder
A guide for parents and children for management of day/ night wetting problems 1991 Audio Tape Published How You Can Be Boss Of The Bladder


1993 Confident Kids – 2001 republished in new edition as Fear-free Children
A guide to help your child cope with fear


1994 Fight-Free Families – 2001 republished
Fight prevention strategies – toddlers to teenagers


1995 Easy Toilet Training
Gives step by step procedures for effective toilet training with maximum ease and fun


1998 How to be Boss of Bedtime
Insights for both children and parents into easy strategies for getting children to go to and stay in bed.


2000 Sex-Wise: What Every Parent and Young Person Should Know About Sex 2000 Authored Chapter: Motivation Through Goal-setting in book: Student Motivation in the Classroom


2004 Sex-life Solutions: Easy Solutions for Everyday Sexual Problems
A useful self-help book for singles and couples who need sexual advice


2004 Super-parent Survival Guide
An A-Z manual for busy parents for coping with child behaviour

In 2004 Dr Jan’s Fear-free Children book was published in Brazil in Portuguese and in 2005 her book Fear-free Children was published in India. A regular in print, radio and television media, Jan presents user-friendly information which can be easily applied in everyday reality. As her experience below shows, she is equally adept in radio, television and print. Dr Jan is continuously working with Australian families, which gives her a grounded perspective about the issues that affect parents, children and young people.

Media Consulting

Over 40 years, Dr Janet Hall was regularly recommended by the Australian Psychological Society as an informed consultant. Dr Jan has published articles and been quoted in…

Newspapers which include:

  • The Australian
  • Melbourne’s Herald Sun
  • Melbourne’s The Age
  • Sunday Age
  • Sydney Herald Sun
  • Sydney Daily Telegraph
  • Sydney City Weekly
  • Business Review Weekly

Magazines which include:

  • Financial Review
  • Good Medicine
  • Family Circle
  • The Parents Magazine
  • Melbourne Weekly
  • Cleo
  • Cosmo
  • New Woman
  • For Me
  • Rush
  • Mens Health
  • WHO
  • The Australian Post
  • SHE
  • Good Taste
  • Girlfriend
  • Dolly

Television Appearances

Dr Jan has made appearances on the following programs talking about or commenting on general interest topics, parenting, youth and family issues:

  • A Current Affair
  • Today Tonight
  • Sunrise
  • Good Morning Australia
  • The Today Show
  • The Bert Newton Show
  • 11 A.M
  • The Midday Show

Dr Jan was a featured psychologist for the ABC “Living in The 90s” documentary. From 1997-1998 Dr Jan had the regular fortnightly spot as the “Sex Therapist Expert” on the Channel 10 “Sex-life” program. She was a featured guest on the ABC “Glass House” program in August 2005 and May & October 2006. In 2005 Dr Jan has filmed as hypnosis expert for a television documentary on Bob Larson: “The Exorcist Down-Under”.

Radio appearances (Nationally – live/phone link up)

Dr Jan has had many radio appearances on major commercial radio and the national broadcaster in Australia and New Zealand. She has also had regular segments on commercial radio and the ABC. 1991 monthly guest ABC Country Radio: Talk-back Psychologist, Bernard Lynch Show. ABC radio in every capital. Dr Jan was the regular sex therapist expert for the ABC 2am show for the first half of 2005.

Comments have also been requested and aired on:

  • Radio National
  • 774 ABC Melbourne
  • 3AW
  • 3AK
  • NOVA
  • FOX FM

Media Testimonials:

Tony Stubley TV Director: Made a Commercial Using Dr Jan and said:

It is very rare for a shoot to go so well and I put that down more to your professionalism than anything else. It’s a pleasure working with you and I hope we have many occasions in the future to work together again.

Adam, Print Journalist said:

I am doing a story and needed some quotes from a psychologist who has insight and a sense of humour – naturally I thought of you!
I think it’s because your opinions sound definite, aren’t heavily qualified and are put in “everyday” language.

Jeremy, Media Student said:

As for The Glasshouse, it was excellent. You rocked!
Seriously, for a non-comedian, you could hardly have done a better job.

Bryan Cockerill, Executive Producer “Tough Nuts – Australia’s Hardest Criminals” said:

It was a pleasure working with Dr Janet Hall on Tough Nuts – Australia’s Hardest Criminals. Throughout the series, Janet was able to delve into the minds and deeds of Australia’s Hardest Criminals and deliver this fascinating analysis on camera in an intelligent and engaging manner