Hot Binge-watch Choices During Lockdown

In lockdown there are two opposite movie genres that people turn to – crime and oldies but goodies (comfort TV).

The crime movie offers us an escape from the misery of being “suspended in time” at home.

We are escaping to a world where people break laws and have no social justice.

We enjoy the vicarious experience of ‘how awful to be a victim” and we try to guess “what would I have done”? We are also fascinated with the victims and how much they endure and are not rescued. We think – thank goodness that’s not us but gee it was exciting and now I can go to my bed and sleep with relief.

Comfort movies however are all about being immersed in revisiting the known and predictable story and the feeling of being in control – which the pandemic we fear gives us no sense of order or imminent resolution.

It is said that the greatest stress is being out of control. At least when we press the select button we kid ourselves we are in control and it makes us feel good and safe.

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