Michelle’s Story

Michelle was 34 years old (a Social worker) referred by doctor for vaginismus as a sexual abuse survivor.

Michelle was first raped at age 8 by her half-brother and her mother did not believe her

Michelle was Anglican Pentecostal which carries certain beliefs like “no sex before marriage” “God will heal us”. Her religious beliefs reinforced her feelings of guilt because she “couldn’t forgive her abuser” and she blamed herself.

Dr Janet Hall diagnosed Sandra as suffering from PSTD and vaginismus. She had never been able to have sex with her partner, but had been using tampons for a number of years.

Sessions include anxiety management work and sensate focus therapy so that in 6 months Michelle was able to enjoy sexual massage und being touched.
In solo exercises she started to work towards digital penetration.

Dr. Janet Hall used hypnosis. The audio “Pleasurable Sex” was working very well.

Michelle wrote a letter to her abuser to let go of her shame and also letting go of taking responsibility for the abuse herself. She freed herself from the past.

Michelle lost a lot of weight and used the same mindset on her tasks for the sex improvement. With practice solo and sex play with her partner penetration is possible.

Michelle’s attitude to sex is improving, but she also had disturbing dreams: flashbacks to the rape.

On the up side she also had sexy dreams.

The couple hit a few blocks with Michelle’s partner being stressed and struggling with work issues.

Gradually Michelle’s overall self confidence was up as she became capable of intercourse with no pain.

She felt integrated and whole.